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Pick MyTravel

A Complete Travel
and Tourism Solution

Pick MyTravel is a complete travel and tourism service provided as a web application by iotroztech. Tourism industry has become a significant part of a countries revenue More than ever before in history.

The trade and business involved in the travel and tourism industry is deciding factor of a countries growth in the modern economy.

Iotroztech envisioned to provide seamless integration of all the travel and tourism needs at one place. In modern times people prefer all services integrated in one place. We have combined all common travel and tourism needs at one place through this portal.

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A Complete Taxi
Booking Solution

My-taxi is a complete taxi booking and aggregation service. It enables taxi drivers to register and receive ride booking information from office via Push notifications and automatic booking feature they can pick rides accordingly.

The customers can book taxi from their phones by choosing Google maps based location details for pick-up and drop.

This software helped our client meet the needs of aggregating a large number of taxis efficiently, expanding their business.

Now they work with various taxi operators and enable them
to ensure customers get an easily accessible,
safe & reliable taxi ride.