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Offshore Development Centre

Offshore Development Centre (ODC) is one of the plans of action by which an arrangement of offshore software development programming is attempted. An ODC is comprised of a committed group of software engineers and designers who have been hand picked to supplement the client's range of abilities and culture.

Why Choose Our ODC
Reduction Cost, Control and Management issue
Innovative model dependent
Enhance Quality
Bringing "Your Own Center" to the SMB
Features Of The Centre

Fully Managed offshore development centers

24X7 tasks handling capacity

Redundant web lines

Power generator back up

Access to highly skilled and experienced team of engineers

Facilities and HR management included

Hiring assistance provided

Benefits Of The Centre

Quality of Service

Flexible and versatile

Off-shoring reduces the need to invest in non-core business functions

you will likely be able to obtain stable pricing

Outsourcers are always to be viewed as your business partner.

Outsourcing helps to focus more on your core business activities.

This also reduces the cost of equipment obsolescence and depreciation.

Trustworthy offshore software development company