The PD+ analytics platform extracts actionable insights latent in the M2M/IoT datasets to enable business transformation. Designed to utilize system capabilities to usher in a new wave of innovation, it also supports rapid custom analytics solution development to reduce capital and operational costs while improving overall business value. Since the use of connected devices is on the rise, businesses need real-time analytics to harness these connections for meaningful insights.

The PD+ analytics platform can help businesses leverage the information hidden in various data streams to improve monitoring, reporting, and rule-based actions.


  • Modular and scalable platform architecture built on Big Data infrastructure
  • Enables rapid development of custom analytics applications
  • Designed to run on both on premise and cloud servers
  • Provides Infrastructures building blocks for both runtime and batch analytics
  • Repository of pre-built algorithms services and point solutions

Personalized CARE Bracelets

Pd+ can be customized with your logo, which will help with your showcasing objectives by expanding your client base, basically turns into a mobile board that can likewise spare lives.

Extended Care Providers

Pd+ has numerous solutions, for example, guaranteeing great health, astounding health care service, accommodating better preventative care, and staying away from dangerous drug collaboration and medical mistakes.

Individuals, Families and Caregivers

Numerous things influence your wellbeing, your way of life, family ancestry and the consideration you get. The Pd+ associates you to your doctors, nurses, hospitals, first responders and emergency care center. The Pd+ is an electronic device that gives genuine feelings of peace of mind and can be your spare life.

Disaster Preparedness

We are altogether powerless against potential dangers that could cause major or disastrous decimation: hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, ice storms, and terrorist attacks. The Pd+ is perceived as a restorative electronic band that facilitates medicinal consideration, for seniors, kids, the disabled, and the special needs.




Leverage Your Data

Pd+ consistently use health care data to reveal key bits of knowledge to engage you to settle on information-driven choices.

Highly Flexible

It is sufficiently adaptable to fill in as an essential research or a profound analysis tool for anybody inside your organization, regardless of their job role.

Real Time Data Access

Analytics gives you real-time data access get to empowering your healthcare system a more noteworthy capacity to improve hierarchical arranging, key budgetary administration and determining.

Engage Data Experts

Our profound advisors guide control you as you effectively harness the full intensity of your data through Pd+ analytics platform.