#01 JC Battery

JC Battery is one of the fasting growing manufacturers of Automotive Batteries, UPS / Inverter Batteries, Tubular Batteries & SMF VRLA Batteries. We have developed an energy calculator with carefully understanding the requirement and considering all the challenges.

#02 My Taxi Call Taxi

My Taxi Call Taxi is on one of the taxi service company in India. We have developed a Portal/Mobile App allows the user to view the offered taxi management services of My Taxi Call Taxi. The user can book the required taxi over the available taxi along with a schedule for the required trip and shall get to know about the taxi assigned to them.

#03 Clicklends.com

Clicklends is a Financial technology firm in India which deals with a digital marketplace for lending and borrowing of various types of loans like personal loans, unsecured loans, installment loans and loans without collateral. We have developed a web portal to assist their operation with an ease and help their user to fetch money within a clicks.

#04 momscook.net

Momscook is one of the finest state of art kitchen in Coimbatore caters the food need of thousands of people daily. Website has been developed for moms cook to cater to the pressing needs of the young customers to clearly explain their serves, menus and dishes. We have also developed an online booking portal to book for Wedding parties, Birthday parties, Receptions, Corporate parties and for all kinds of functions.

#05 Core-tree.com

CoreTree is the premier provider of CAD/CAM/CAE services to aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing companies. Website has been developed for Core-Tree that gives detail explanation of methods for creating intelligent data for CAD systems.

#06 etexproexim.com

E Texpro Exim is one of the leading baby care product manufacturing company. With the focus of sifting the traditional business to digital E Texpro Exim contacted Iotroztech. We provide full support by developing a web-portal to display their products in detail and increased their business revenue by ten times.

#07 tycoonfashions.com

Tycoons Fashions has evolved one of the successful manufacturer exporter of knitted apparels in South India. They wanted to strengthen their digital presence with Iotroztech. We have developed a E-commerce portal for tycoonfashions to reach their customers trough out the globe.

#08 DP Textile

Digitally Printed Textile turns creativity into a product with solutions for all home textiles applications. We provide Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software for their various units such as spinning, Finance, Dyeing, Weaving segments. We also provide Human Resource Management System and Assist Management System to completely automation the process.

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