School Bus Management System

Our E-School Bus Management System is a location based service that helps you track the safety and location of school children while in transit.

Our E-School Bus Management System built with innovative technology also has the capability to provide instantaneous ridership reporting, so you know when each student enters or exits a bus. It can even monitor driver performance. E-School Bus Management System gives you access to a full suite of services as well as real-time data on dozens of bus functions. Put simply, you’ll be able to manage your fleet better than ever before.

Our goal is to help transportation departments improve driver performance, vehicle efficiency and passenger safety.

Why Our E-School Bus Management System?

  • Human errors in manual attendance-taking
  • Infective and inefficient manual bus route planning
  • Reckless driving compromises safety of school students
  • Irregular arrival timings increase waiting time and causes students to miss their school buses
  • Difficulty in ensuring students’ safety on board school buses or prevent boarding of wrong buses

Accurate Tracking

A powerful tracking and reporting school bus management system

Safety is our priority

With our school management system, student safety is achieved by using the touch sensor. If somebody breach the safety device immediate alert will be send to the parents and to the school.

Real-time tracking

Get real-time location information of your student at any point of time through our mobile app

Automated Notification

Immediate notification will be sent to the parents if there is any change in route, bus break down delay of bus, student get down at wrong location.


Our E-School Bus Management System is specially designed for you to manage your fleet of buses effortlessly by transforming them into Smart Buses. This service provides real-time information on the whereabouts of your buses.
Security features like access card, live image capture can also be integrated to ensure added safety of school children.

Parent alerts

Parents of the wards get alerts for pick-up and drop when school bus is reaching their respective stop.


Each bus-stop is marked on map to know bus position relative to school stops. Get an alert as soon as the bus deviates from defined location

Route replay

Replay the route that a bus has taken


Get an alert as soon as the bus deviates from defined location